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Our Australian Shepherd Dogs

Once upon a time, Australian Shepherd dogs were widely regarded as the dog of choice for many cowboys across the country. These dogs, which originated in Europe before finding their way to California via Australia, were often used for herding and developed a reputation for being tough, smart animals with a strong work ethic.

Most Australian Shepherd dogs still exhibit a natural desire to herd, but these days, they’ve become some of the most popular family dogs in the country. You can purchase one through a tri-color, blue, and red merle Australian Shepherd breeder like King Fisher’s Aussies and bring home the perfect life-long companion.

Australian Shepherds are known for being very intelligent dogs that can outsmart their owners if the owners aren’t careful. That’s why this breed is a commitment that should be considered before welcoming a dog into your home. But owning an Australian Shepherd can be a rewarding experience for those willing to put the time and effort into training them. You will enjoy spending a day outdoors with your Australian Shepherd, regardless of whether you’re playing or working.

As you can see by looking at the photos of the different Australian Shepherds here, these dogs come in a wide range of colors and each one has a distinct coat. As a leading tri-color, blue, and red merle Australian Shepherd breeder, King Fisher’s Aussies is home to dogs with many different appearances. Whether you’re looking for a dog that possesses a blue merle color or one with red and white tri-color, King Fisher’s Aussies has exactly what you’re looking for.

Contact King Fisher’s Aussies, one of the top tri-color, blue and red merle Australian Shepherd breeders in the country, at 907-982-8886 or 907-841-4858 to inquire about any of the beautiful dogs available today.


Blue Merle Australian Shepherds

Color: Blue Merl
Rumble has been an Amazing part of Kingfishers, He is no longer breeding but he has some beautiful pups that will fill his paws
Basic Description: Rumble is goofy, he is a real nut.  He loves anyone and everyone, tends to take on the Scooby Doo attitude when it comes to visitors. 




Australian Shepherd Breeders in Alaska Male
Black Tri
Son of Rumble and Haley

“T” is a big boy and a real lover!  Gets along great with the others and is loved by all the Ladies 🙂 



Red Australian Shepherd Breeder

Color: Red & White Tri

Gorgeous girl has gone into retirement.She is a wonderful and the sweetest companion we could have ever hoped for
Basic Description: Haley is real layed back girl.  She gets along with everyone.  






AKc Australian Shepherds
Color: Black & White Tri
Lexi Is a very sweet sweet sweet girl, She has gone into retirement but we have a couple amazing pups she has produced to carry this wonderful legacy.
Basic Description: Lexi is very outgoing girl, she is a real jumper, she loves to run and play with the kids.








Red Merle Australian Shepherd

Color: Red Merle
Basic Description:  Lady is one of our sweetest girls.  She makes the most beautiful puppies!  Her pairing with Triton is a great one!  Watch for their next litter coming this Summer!



2 year old Male

Color: Red Tri

Basic: Boomer is the Son Of Haley & Rumble, He is a Very happy  and lovable boy. He throws some amazing blue eyed pups!!