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We are Joshua & Jaime Hughes and we love our Aussies! They are such a fun breed and extremely active dogs! The Australian Shepherd will make a good family dog, as long as it is given the time and space for exercise & mental stimulation. We love spending time hiking, boating, & camping with our Aussies. Their energy is boundless, and their athletic body type makes them a perfect match for the outdoors!

Australian Shepherd Breeders in Alaska

Australian Shepherd dogs are natural herders and want to protect their family’s and other animals. They tend to be shy with strangers but are willing to warm up if given the ok. This makes them good watch dogs, and they almost never bark except in alarm.

Aussies will excel in agility training and are quick learners in obedience. They are always needing to keep their mind busy and tend to devise things to do. We recommend giving them many activities, toys, and exercise!

One thing is for sure, if your looking for a dog that is intelligent, active, and will love you forever you have found the right kennel. KingFisher’s Australian Shepherds is devoted to providing quality Australian Shepherds and is happy to match you up with your perfect puppy!


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